It's been over two years since I packed up my stuff in Houston, Texas and moved to the Quad Cities. Of course I noticed many changes instantly, (I still hate the cold) but there are others that I'm still noticing.  One, is that you on the Iowa side don't pay attention to school zone speed limits.

In the suburb I lived in in Texas I knew every school zone around me because if I didn't slow down to 25 and in some cases 20, good chance a ticket would be coming my way.  The cops watched them like hawks.  So, for the most part, everybody slowed down to a crawl.  I'm talking not 1 mph over the limit.

Driving around the Quad Cities in my first year here I was lucky and didn't have to drive past a lot of school zones.  However this year that has changed.  My child now is in Kindergarten and on her "non real school" days she goes to a different daycare both of which force me to drive past a couple schools.  I'm not going to say nobody slows down.  But I feel more people are speeding than not.

Did you know you can go to jail if you go to fast in a school zone?  If you are caught speeding 1-9 mph over the fine is $100.  Over 10 mph, you're facing 30 days in jail and/or up to a $625 fine.  That will ruin your drive to work.

Now I will add, for some reason here the school zone speed limits last from 7am-5pm when school is in session.  Why at 10am when the kid should be in school do we have to slow down?  Just make us slow down during the arrive and depart hours.  Let's be smart about this.

Also, the speed zones at High Schools.  Come on.  Those kids better know to look out for cars.  Of course it might be more dangerous at a High School since they always have their nose in the phone.

So next time you drive through a school zone just know these fines are no joke.  And if you are behind me while I go the speed limit don't get mad cause you have to slow down.  It's been drilled into me like a catchy song that just wont' get out of your head.

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