Many of us love to tell spooky stories and talk about those crazy sightings a friend of ours had when it comes to ghosts, UFOs, or Big Foot. If you're a fan of these legends, I have great news, a new study has put together the numbers and has found the states you are most likely to have a supernatural sighting or experience.

So if you love these myths and legends you may want to move to one of these top tens. Illinois actually has had more sightings than Iowa, but has it had enough to be in the top 10 states for supernatural sightings?

Illinois and Iowa supernatural sightings

Iowa ranks 29th for supernatural sightings.

Iowa: UFO sightings 1,141; Ghost Sightings 1,040

Illinois actually ranks 8th overall for supernatural sightings!

Illinois: UFO sightings 4,025; Ghost Sightings 2,529

It looks like Illinois blows Iowa out of the water when it comes to these sightings. Here are some of the other rankings.

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Most supernatural Sightings

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Florida
  4. Washington
  5. New York
  6. Ohio
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. Illinois
  9. Michigan
  10. Arizona

Least supernatural sightings

  1. (50) Delaware
  2. (49) Wyoming
  3. (48) North Dakota
  4. (47) South Dakota
  5. (46) Vermont
  6. (45) Rhode Island

The Numbers

It looks like California, and Texas are the two spots you are most likely to have an encounter of the 3rd kind, while Delaware and Wyoming are the quietest. Here are these 4 states' numbers.

California: UFO sightings 15,072; Ghost Sightings 6,973

Texas: UFO sightings 5,631; Ghost Sightings 7,382

Delaware: UFO sightings 373; Ghost Sightings 123

Wyoming: UFO sightings 380; Ghost Sightings 123

This report came from It set out to reveal the locations in America with the greatest chance of seeing something spooky.

Ghosts Of The Station

Today we will be looking at three ghost sightings, and the spots they were seen at.

These three "Ghosts" could all be the same one or three different ones. Though I still think the Music video ghost is by far the creepiest. As far as we know that was the only figure we ever caught on film, and not just in a picture.

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