Over the last 2 months, I know it seems longer, you've had to suffer through all of the political ads.  So many.  So bad.  I-Rock 93.5 wasn't alone.  No matter where you went you were beaten over the head with ad, after ad after ad.  Yards, billboards, TV, radio, internet, mail...I think I even saw a cow that had a sign on it.

Now they are finally done!  So now we get to do what we do best support and promote local businesses.  There have been many in the Quad Cities that have been here since the start.  And they are still with us.  Guess it's working.  And many new businesses that have come along over the last year.  I appreciate every single one of them.

So with the political ads done, and us being able to once again focus on the Quad Cities, I want to give you commercial time on I-Rock 93.5.  Maybe you own a business and could use some advertising.  Maybe you want to win some commercial time for your boss so you don't get fired....I feel like a lot of you fall in this category.  Either way, here is your chance!

I'm giving away $935 worth of commercials on I-Rock 93.5.  Listen this week (11/9-11/13) during the Z-A Workday Countdown to qualify!  Since I want you to be able to listen while you work, this will be a good way to convince the boss to let you listen.  So we'll do this each day in the 2pm hour.  Just listen for the cue to call and you can win.

Boss is a real jerk, or you actually work on your own business and can't listen then.  Here is another chance to win $935 of commercials on I-Rock 93.5.  Register to win here!

*$935 worth of commercials equals 40 total thirty (30) second ads.
*Commercials will air run of schedule Monday - Friday.
*Dates of commercials will be determined by station in conjunction with the winner.  All commercials must air between 12/1/20-3/31/21.
*All commercials must follow FCC and Townsquare Media guidelines.

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