I love tattoos.  The right ones look cool and can be oh so sexy on ladies.  I love tattoos that tell stories.  Ones that pay respect to family.  Even those that are from 20 years ago that you got with your one time best friend who turned out to be an ass.

So with all that, you would think the guy that runs the hard rock station in the Quad Cities would have all sorts of ink on his body.  You'd think I'd be looking for blank space to fit another one on me.  Nope.  The entire body is a blank space baby.

I'm not scared of needles or pain.  My body is in pain every day.  It's not that I don't have anything special in mind for a design.  I know what I'd get.

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If you've been to any of our events you've met me and then you should know the reason I have never gotten a tattoo.  Where on this f'd up body do I put something that I'd then want to show off to people.  Nobody would want to see that!

These hairy, ghostly like legs?  No.  My pencil like arms?  No.  My back?  Ok, not awful...but then I can't see it!  Plus, then I'd have to take off my shirt and you'd have to see the front...and that's no good.  Forget anything around the midsection in general.  Maybe a dragon on my neck.  That seems a bit much.

So where does this cool design I've had in my head for the last 15 years go.  I guess I can take it too an artist, get them to design it, and then frame it.  The walls in my office look way better than anything I've got going on with this body.

Bonus, in the process of writing this I needed to find a picture for the story.  Well, searching the Townsquare Media gallery for tattoos a bunch came up that I felt made sense for the reasons I love them, and I why I shouldn't get one.  Enjoy below.


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