The Florida Highway Patrol on Monday afternoon shared video from the actions of Trooper Toni Schuck, who put her own life on the line to save those who were enjoying a 10K race Sunday morning.

The 26-year veteran of the agency knew that the car was coming after it had veered around barricades and was barreling down approach to a Sunshine Skyway Bridge that was packed with runners.


Schuck was the "last line of defense" from the vehicle, and she acted just so, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Dashcam video shows Schuck rolling slowly down the highway, aiming her SUV at the oncoming vehicle traveling at high speeds. The video ends just after the collision, as other emergency vehicles can be heard approaching Schuck's cruiser.

Schuck was taken to the hospital with serious injuries from the collision but has since gone home to her family.

Florida Highway Patrol said nearly 7,000 people, as well as "scores" of staff, were along the Skyway for the Armed Forces Skyway 10K Race.

The driver of the BMW, 52-year-old Kristen Kay Watts, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence with serious injury, two counts of DUI with property damage, and two counts of reckless driving involving injury and property damage.

Here's to you, Trooper Schuck. May you recover fully from your heroic actions that saved the lives of the crowd you protected.

Read more at Herald Tribune

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