Now you can't say I didn't give you AMPLE warning.  Fellas, you've got one month till Valentine's Day.  For some of us, it's a day we fear that we will forget or do something wrong.  For others, it's a day you plan out perfectly and make all the other guys at your work want to punch you for showing them up.  Then there is the group that hate the holiday and want to burn pics of their ex's.

I'm not concerned about the planners.  You suck for making us look bad.  For the rest of you that won't remember until Sunday, February 14, let's talk about what you can do so you are not sleeping on the couch for a week.

First off, if your lady tells you "It's OK, I don't really need anything for Valentine's Day." they are lying.  Maybe on the outside they won't show it.  But on the inside they are disappointed that you didn't do something.  So don't try to pull the "it's a Hallmark Holiday" line and think she'll understand.

Now it's time to actually do something on February 14th.  And when I say do something, really, I mean do anything.  You don't need to get a sky writer to profess your love and parachute down with roses.

Of course you can do the standard card, flowers and chocolates.  Or if she rocks like you do, black roses and a skull necklace.  If she is freaky, some leather and lace is always good for her...and you.  If you are a total slob, clean up the house for her.  If you have kids, keep them away from her for the day so she can just relax and watch rom-coms.  Buy her a bottle of wine.  On the Illinois side of the Quad Cities, maybe she'd like a little smoke.  Times are tough and you have no cash, just tell her "Happy Valentine's Day.  I love you.  Things are going to turn around.".  At the end of the day, that is what they want from you.  Know it's happening.  Acknowledge them.  Tell them everything is great/going to be great.

For those of you that rue the day...stand by.  I'll help you destroy the ex's and demons of Valentine's Day past.

Most importantly guys, just remember that if you do this day right you should have a happier night on February 14.  Or maybe all day long!  Lucky you.

Oh, and one more reminder.  We are also 2 months away from March 14.  Here is more info on that day if you need to share it with somebody.

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