Ever since I was a kid I've loved roller skating.  When I became a teenager that love shifted more towards roller blading, but same difference.  I've always admired the chicks who competed in roller derbys because not only were they crazy fast on wheels, but they were allowed to bash into each other just to fly by their opponents and score points for their team.  Definitely not something that was allowed at the skate park on Friday night when I was growing up. Starting Wednesday, May 11th at Eldridge Skate Park, you have the chance to be a roller derby girl!

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The Quad City Rollers roller derby team is hosting a boot camp for anyone interested in learning from the pros.  The boot camp is a 7 week session that covers all the basic skills of roller derby, and the best part is, no skating experience is required!   They will be meeting twice a week for practice.  There are some requirements and required gear for this boot camp, you can find the information on their Facebook event page. These practices are kid friendly, so bring the whole family!

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The team will also be holding an informational session on Wednesday, April 27th at 6:30 PM at the Eldridge Skatepark as well for anyone who wants a bit more info about the requirements before the boot camp starts.  You can also email specific questions to recruitment.qcr@gmail.com. So get out there and strut your stuff, you never know what kind of badass you can be on the roller rink!

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