(Pictured are Michael Imel, granddaughter Karleigh and Chino Marin.)

My name is Michael Imel, and I'm the Touring Manager for ALBORN. Along with that title I am also Roadie, Merch guy, and Beer B*tch.

Growing up through the years I have ventured into so many different styles of music. After a good friend of mine introduced me to the Hair Metal scene in the mid-late 80s I fell in love. As I grew older those songs grew older, and so changed my taste in music. Thank God for MTV (when they actually played music videos) and Headbangers Ball it opened up my mind to Heavy Metal! When You feel the music it's therapeutic.

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My favorite bands/artists are Sevendust and ALBORN. I became a huge fan of Sevendust the first time I heard them on WJJO out of Madison WI. And with ALBORN I stumbled (literally, I was pretty hammered that night) across them at my hometown bar. BOOM, blown away by how  talented they were at such a young age. I went from becoming a Fan, to becoming friends then becoming Family.

Having been to countless concerts in my years it's difficult to pick just one. But, 2 of them that come to mind immediately is seeing Parkway Drive at a little side stage at Northern Invasion! The energy they brought to the stage was so intense! And the concert most recently is when ALBORN was asked to open for Sevendust in Champaign IL a couple of years ago! Only to be asked that same night to open for them a couple nights later in La Crosse WI!

My playlist:
Alborn – The Maze
Mudvayne – Dig
Lønewolf – Unbroken
Linkin Park – Points of Authority
Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve
3 Years Hollow – For Life
Stone Sour – Bother
The Zealots – Johnny Cashed
Burden of the Sky – Catylyst
Soil - Black 7
Chevelle – Another Know It All
Elisium - Ransom
Breaking Benjamin – Diary of Jane

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