TOOL will release their fifth album, Fear Inoculum, on vinyl to the general public on April 8 via RCA Records. The Grammy award-winning album will be spread over 5 LPs and paired with new artwork. You can check out an unboxing video of the set below.

Each of the 180g vinyl discs are emblazoned with a unique etching and accompanied by a picture booklet that includes never-before-seen artwork. The set, housed in a hard shell box, also features a new cover.

The set has already gained some controversy, mostly due to the price. Advanced pressings of The Fear Inoculum ultra deluxe vinyl LP box set have already been available at shows, but it comes with a price tag of $750, not including taxes and fees.

Additionally, one of the autographed box sets from the tour has already been turned around on eBay, selling for $2,000 (plus shipping).

In other TOOL news, the band announced the arrival of “Opiate2,” which is a re-imagined and extended version of the 1992 EP's title track. It is accompanied by a short film, the band's first video in 15 years. “Opiate2” is available on March 1, with the Blu-ray only visual companion available on March 18. You can preorder it here.

Fear Inoculum first arrived in August 2019. The Fear Inoculum Deluxe vinyl pre-orders are now available here.

Fear Inoculum Ultra Deluxe Vinyl LP Box Set Unboxing


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