The name is Dennis Kyarsgaard(pronounced Keers-gaurd, my family is Danish), I'm 39 years old and I hail from Sabula, Iowa. Iowas only Island City(I actually live off the Island in the country). Welder by day, and when Im not spending time with the Mrs or my 3 boys you can find me riding or wrenching on my Harley Davidson.

Question #2 Why do I love hard rock? Because to me it's a motivator, it gets me going.  How many ambitious people do you see listening to Bob Dylan? None. I like to be on the go and hard rock is the soundtrack to my life.

Next question, what's my favorite band? That's a though one.  I love all hardrock music equally.   If I had to choose one and only one I would say Clutch.

Best concert I've ever been to? That would have to be Family Values Tour 99 in Chicago.  I was 18 and not only was it my first big concert but it was also the first time venturing into the big city.  We got lost, drunk, almost busted by the Chicago Police but it was an awesome time! Korn, Limp Bizkit, Staind and a bunch of other bands I've forgot over the years. I will say that Ozzfest 2006 does come in a close second though.

Okay so if I was given control of I-Rock for a whole hour I'd have to make it something really special.  Not that I-Rock isn't already special the way it is, but it would have to be different from the norm.  I've always loved cover songs.  I don't know what it is about them but ever since my first Ipod I've always had a covers playlist.  So if I was DJ for the day, or hour, I would play an hour of all covers.

Clutch- Fortunate Son
Charm City Devils- Man of Constant Sorrow
Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance- Hazy Shade of Winter
Otep- Royals
Mushroomhead- Rumor Has It
Asking Alexandria- Separate Ways
Like A Storm- Gangster's Paradise
Corey Taylor- Rainbow in the Dark
Five Finger Death Punch- Mama Said Knock You Out
Halestorm- Ride The Lightning
Thrice- Send Me An Angel
In This Moment- Call Me
Stone Sour- Gimme Shelter

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