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Meet Kevin Johnson

I'm a Marine Combat Veteran infantryman and love to drink beer. Father of two. I have two awesome kids Kyah 20 and Kile 17 and of course, married to a saint of a wife Emily who everyone loves more than me. Rightfully so. I've inherited two cats by marriage Bader and Blossom. Lost an awesome Pitbull Bentley last May. Dogs rock. We have a new Pit named Bishop who is 8 months old. I'm a Life Member of the American Legion, and Commander of my Post 255 in Orion, IL. VFW Life Member in Orion Post 143 as well. Love the Cardinals and the Bears. I have worked for TSA at Quad Cities International Airport for almost 21 years. My staff kicks ass btw. I love guns and the outdoors.

Most importantly America is a badass country don't forget those who served and love your country cause trust me it's the best there is!

Semper Fi to my Marines and Grandpa Fudgie!

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I love hard rock cause all other music sucks!

Favorite Band that's a hard one! Metallica.

I love live music! Seen so many great shows! PJ Moline No Code! Front to back outstanding! Slipknot at Ozzest 1999 on the 2nd stage was intense!

My Playlist:

  1. Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare
  2. Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone
  3. Volbeat - Still Counting
  4. Godsmack - Keep Away
  5. Typo Negative - Black No 1
  6. Slayer - South of Heaven
  7. Alice In Chains - Down in a Hole
  8. Pearl Jam - Crazy Mary
  9. Nirvana - Rape Me
  10. Gojira - Stranded
  11. Mudvayne - Death Blooms
  12. System of a Down - Sugar
  13. Metallica - One

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