The 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair is bigger than any previous year's fair.  Because this year there are SEVEN nights of music at the grandstand.  And you can be there for all of them with some Fun Cards.  And we've got them for you below.

The 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair Lineup


This year the Mississippi Valley Fair will bring seven nights of music to the Quad Cities.  The only way you can see all the shows is with a Fun Card.    These are the artists you, your friends, and your family can all enjoy.

  • Austin Snel and Tyler Farr will get the party started with the extra day of music on the grandstand.
  • Sam Hunt will be next to take the Grandstand Stage on Tuesday, August 1st.
  • Jordan Davis will be taking the Grandstand Stage on Wednesday, August 2nd.
  • Lil Jon is the first of two acts to take the Grandstand Stage on Thursday, August 3rd.
  • Ludacris will be the headliner that night.
  • Three Days Grace will be rocking it out on the Grandstand Stage on Friday, August 4th.
  • Limp Bizkit will take the stage on Saturday, August 5thand headline the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair.
  • HARDY will wrap up the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair on Sunday, August 6th.

We've got your 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair Fun Cards

Jake Truemper
Jake Truemper

Fun Cards for this 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair will be $85 until June 15th. You can get them now at the MVF office, Kwik Star, Great Southern Banks, and Hy-Vee locations.  After June 15th they go up in price.  So it's best to get them now.

Author's note, if you tried to see these 7 concerts individually they would be about $500.  So $85 is a really good deal even if going to see just a couple of these acts.

Now, what's a really good!  First off you'll be able to win your tickets by listening to all the Townsquare Media stations this spring/summer as we partner with the Mississippi Valley Fair to bring you the fun and info you need for the MVF.  Those stations include 97X, B100, I-Rock 93.5, and US 104.9.

You can also get a free pair of Fun Cards by registering below.  Just clicking on one of the below buttons will get you entered once.  But, you might as well go ahead and click on all 6 to have better odds to get those free Fun Cards and enjoy everything at the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair!

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