This holiday season many of us will partake in some partying, and dare I say... drinking. If you happen to overdo it and wake up with a hangover how much would you pay to get rid of it in a second?

Maybe you already have a cure for these hangovers in mind. Today we will be looking at popular cures, and how much Iowans would pay to beat these hangovers.

Mary Gascho

How They Got These Numbers

A survey of over 3,050 adults (aged 21+) by, found that the average Iowan would pay A solid amount for a miraculous instant hangover, though it is $10 less than the national average.

Other states like Louisiana were willing to pay the most money at $83. While Maine seemed to not mind hangovers at all offering only $15 for said cure.

When the party is over.

In a separate survey of 1,073 drinkers found that more than 1 in 10 (14%) drinkers say they expect to experience more hangovers this holiday season due to the challenging year 2020 has been. This study also showed that the most commonly attempted hangover cure for those surveyed was drinking water.

According to our survey, the most commonly attempted hangover cure was drinking water, with around 95 percent of women and 94 percent of men attempting it. When water failed, sleeping it off became the next cure of choice. Women (81 percent) were slightly more likely to press snooze than men (72 percent), but men and women were nearly equally likely to have tried reviving themselves with sleep’s antithesis: coffee.

How Much Iowans Pay To Cure A Hangover

A survey of over 3,050 adults (aged 21+) by, found that the average Iowan would pay $32 for a miraculous instant hangover cure, which is $10 less than the national average of $42.

Hangover suffering man close up portrait with bottles of beer.

Iowans would spend $32 to get over a hangover

How much would you end up paying to get over that holiday hangover this year? Let us know!

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