A popular Youtuber known for his statistics and wide knowledge of states, cities, and towns here in America, put together a list of the best cities to live in here in the USA. Illinois is the only Midwest state to have a city on this list, but hey it came in at number 1!

The video focused on 10 cities in America and claims Illinois is home to the best of the best.

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The Cities

10. Gilbert Arizona

With a growing population, the crime is low, and the jobs are great even in the heat!

9. Huntington Beach California

Oh wow a city on a beach who would have guessed!

8. Fremont California

Another spot in Cali, great! This spot is in the suburbs like many on this list.

7. Frisco Texas

In 2018 this spot was the wealthiest place in America. It is still considered a great spot by many.


6. Cary North Carolina

Low crime rates, and another suburb.

5. Irvine California

MORE California! A popular spot for those with deep pockets and a new family.

4. Torrance California

I guess statistics really like California. This spot has a lot of job opportunities and is still a big tech scene.

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3. Santa Clara California

This isn't funny anymore! But in all seriousness, this is a Silicon Valley suburb so it makes sense the Valley is both beloved and infamous at the same time.

2. Sunnyvale California

Bet you didn't see that one coming! More California. It is still considered one of the best spots to start a family, and raise kids.

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Now it's time for what we all came here for! The number one spot.

1. Naperville Illinois

Many who live in Illinois most likely saw this one coming. Naperville is a western suburb of Chicago, in Illinois. It's a very well-off spot and is considered very safe and great for families. It's also great for retirement!

The Video

You can learn more about each spot with his video here:

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