Supergroup rock bands typically knock out one album before egos get in the way.  So let's create the Ultimate Rock Band and watch them go out in a glorious blaze.

How it worked:

  • Like I-Rock 93.5 on Facebook.  When I ask for nominations for each member of the band chime in with your favorite.  (Members need to be living.  Cause we are going to get this band together...right.)
  • During the noon hour listen as we play  songs from those artists/bands.
  • Go back to our Facebook page to vote for who should move on in each match up and discuss why with your fellow rock fans.

And after four weeks.  This is the supergroup you nominated and voted for.  Now, let's get them together (or build their pieces separate since you know, social distancing) and make one awesome rock tune!

Here is your lead vocal bracket.

URB Vocal Bracket

Here is how the guitar bracket looked.

URB Guitar Bracket

Here is how the drummer bracket went down.

URB Drum Bracket

Check out how the bass player bracket went down.

URB Bracket Bass
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