At the stroke of midnight on December 31, 2019 some folks in Illinois will be able to breath easier.  Or I guess I should say inhale easier.

2020 starts a new year, a new decade and a new law making recreational marijuana legal in Illinois.  Technically it's decriminalized but let's not confuse those who are high right now.

Now this doesn't mean you can become the next El Chapo of Illinois and sell bails of cheeba on the corner of the street.  So before you go searching and before you light up, here is what you need to know.

First off, you need to be 21.  I mean they just made the cigarettes and vaping legal age 21.  You really think they are going to let a 19 year old smoke Mary Jane.

Next, you can "only" posses 30 grams at a time.  Big point here.  Don't go buy 30 grams at one store then 30 grams at another.  Then you have to much Grass and can get busted.  If you are looking to eat your troubles away be sure your edibles have no more than 500mg of THC.  Iowa residents looking to get an across the bridge hook-up, you'll only be able to buy 15 grams.  Plus remember, it isn't legal on the Iowa side of the river so the second you cross that bridge they can bust you.

If you think you are going to pay a dispensary the same amount you pay your guy Red, think again.  Why do you think Illinois is doing this? To be nice.  They are doing it for the tax revenue.  Anywhere from 10-25% depending how much THC is in it.  There are a lot of rules.  Just remember, you will be paying the state money when buying from a weed store.

So you have a green thumb for the ganja and you already bought a bunch of dirt, heat lamps and seeds.  Think again boss.  Only medical marijuana patients can grow plants.

Now you are set.  You are over 21, went to a licensed dispensary, purchased 30 grams of pot, paid the taxes and are ready to party in the streets.  Hold up, wait.  You still can't smoke in public.  So take your herb.  Head back home.  Turn on some tunes and don't get paranoid that the cops will come busting in.  Cause now, with all those rules, marijuana is legal in Illinois.

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