I am Matt Kershner, the King of I-Rock 93.5. I hail from a great family of royalists.  The Kershner's. Emperor Brad the Conquer & his wife Empress Mary the Fearless.

I follow in their footsteps on my throne by providing the Kingdom of I-Rock 93.5 with great music along with concerts with my Queen Jennifer Kershner by my side.  So be prepared this evening for some royal celebration of great metal music.

Why I love hard rock.

I love hard rock/metal music because it's just not music it's a lifestyle. You live and breathe this kind of music it's part of who you are in life and part of your life.

If you are feeling down there's a song that can fill that feeling. If you're pissed off & mad at the world there's a song for that that will fill that void. Need a song to get raw emotion out of ya well guess what there's a song and band for that. And finally, if you need a song to pump you up and get you going for the day, week, or event well guess what there are tons of songs for that.

That's why it's the best kind of music it's for any emotion you're feeling there's a song or band for that.

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Also, love this kind of music because it brings together so many diverse people together who you wouldn't think would be friends or fans and brings them together. Where they almost become family. Especially at concerts, they aren't just concerts they are events where the music brings out the best in all of us and we get to express how we want to without judgment.

For example, Metallica fans are called: Metallibangers or Metallicats, or even Puppet Masters. And we are a tight nit people that sing every song while playing our air guitar or drums

Another example is Slipknot fans are called Maggots and let me tell ya we are bonded by mosh and blood and song.

And of course, we Lamb of God fans are called The Congregation and we wear that like a badge of honor. With hardcore head-banging skills, metal horns, and enthusiastic roars and screams when each chorus hits when Randy lays into it.

Lastly, some radio stations that play this music, especially ours, Ryan and I-Rock 93.5, want us to enjoy great music. We have a great community here that we consider a close nit family. Thanks, Ryan and the rest of the I-Rock 93.5 community you make sure we all feel the love. Especially after I became the king you all have embraced it, never thought I'd win it. And you all have made it fun by having fun with it. And it's been a joy

These are all reasons why I love this kind of music and the people that are associated with it.

My favorite band.

My favorite band of all time is Metallica. I have seen them over 15 times. I think I'm closer to 20 than to 15. Their style of music just hooked me from the get-go. They have some very powerful songs that have a lot of meaning and most are so hard-core metal it's unreal. One, Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, Fade to Black, Seek and Destroy, Enter Sandman, Wherever I May Roam, Hero of the Day, The Memory Remains, Fuel, The Day That Never Comes, Cyanide, Halo on Fire and Moth to the Flame. But the one that means a lot and means so much that some of the lyrics and music notes are painted on my motorcycle is me and my wife's wedding song.  That song is Nothing Else Matters.

With James' killer vocals and amazing guitar play, Lars's stellar drum play, Robert's superb bass tempos, and of course the sensational riffs and solos of Kirk Motherfucking Hammett. And can't forget the great talent of the bass master himself Cliff Burton and the wild tones of Jason. Have made for an astonishing metal band with an incredible catalog.

My favorite concert.

My favorite concert of all time is one I told you about already but I will tell you numbers 2 and 3 cuz they both happened in the last 2 months.

Rammstein's concert in Minneapolis was absolutely phenomenal. It wasn't a concert it was an experience. You know playing RPG and you made it to the final boss and you get there and you know it's going to be badass cuz of the castle and the surroundings? That Rammstein concert setup is like a medieval boss-ending castle scene you are there for the ride and you experience it all with them. So much pyro and fire you are on your toes all the time and with their theatrical performance, it's a one-time experience you will never forget just absolutely awesome.

The other is Airbourne they are a killer band from Australia saw them up in Chicago at a cool venue. If you don't know who they are look them up you won't regret they are like AC/DC but with a moderate flow of hard rock. That is the loudest concert I've ever been to. But that band brings it 150% the whole time of the show.  There is no let-up.  They play so hard that the only time they let up is their little 3 min break pouring shots for themselves and then passing the bottle of jack to fans along with beer. They want their fans to interact with them the whole time and be part of the show. It was an honor to see such gifted bands from across the pond over here.

Long live hard rock and metal

  1. Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold
  2. Daddy’s Falling Angel – In This Moment
  3. Leper Messiah – Metallica
  4. Collapse – War of Ages
  5. Swerve City – Deftones
  6. Deutschland – Rammstein
  7. Diamond Eyes – Shinedown
  8. Timebomb – Motionless In White
  9. Yen – Slipknot
  10. The Conjuring – Megadeth
  11. Broken Hands – Lamb of God
  12. Attitude – Metallica
  13. King of Kings - Motorhead

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