Stranger Things is pretty much the most buzz-worthy show available on any streaming service right now, and it's made quite a few headlines within the metal community since the fourth season aired at the end of May due to a few musical references. Now, the internet is on a mission to identify the guitar solo that the character Eddie Munson plays in one of the episodes.

We already knew that Munson was a rocker. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the Dio patch on the back of his denim jacket was actually donated to the show by Dio's estate, which is in the hands of the late musician's widow, Wendy Dio. He also sported a W.A.S.P. pin on the jacket. Additionally the actor who plays Munson, Joe Quinn, listened to a ton of metal music to prepare for the role, and is a big fan of Metallica.

In the trailer for the current season, there's a scene where Munson plays a guitar solo during some sort of lightning storm. The season was split into two "volumes," so the scene is obviously a part of Volume 2 because it hasn't been in any of the episodes that were released so far. The solo only lasts for a short bit toward the end of the trailer, and people are going nuts trying to figure out what song he's playing.

According to users on TikTok, who've actually gone as far as attempting to recreate the brief solo from their trailer themselves to analyze it, there are a couple of different songs it could be. The most recurring guess is that it's from Europe's "The Final Countdown," while some others believe it to be Metallica's "Master of Puppets. One TikTokker in particular made several videos comparing Munson's solo to those of the songs people have different theories about.

See the official Stranger Things trailer and some of the TikToks below.

Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer

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