A little about me, my name is Stephanie Rowland, I am 26 years old, born and raised in the QC area, specifically Davenport. I currently live in the thumb of Michigan after moving to the state a couple years ago with my mother.I am a mother to my 4 month old son, Jaxon.

I love hard rock because it sinks down into my core and makes me feel like a total badass, it’s always a genre of music that I have loved and I miss having it blaring through my speakers while driving up Brady street!

As I mentioned earlier, Green Day has always been my favorite band, especially in the American Idiot era. Their music always makes me feel like I can take on the world and always hypes me up to take on a hard day.

The best concert I’ve ever been to, would actually be a 3 day festival that I got to spend with my aunt and cousins in Ohio, Rock on the Range. A variety of bands that performed amazingly, although I wish I could’ve been on the floor for most of them. (I’ve NEVER had grand admission to any indoor concert I’ve ever been to.) Which is sad because I feel you should experience that at some point in your life. It’s great to watch from a distance, but to feel like you are apart or the show and get a chance to interact with band members on stage or along with the crowd, that is living. 

Check out my playlist here!

10 Years – Wasteland
10 Years – Fix Me
Godsmack – Voodoo
My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words
Bad Wolves – Killing Me Slowly
Hole – Celebrity Skin
Seether – Gasonline
Bullet For My Valentine – Letting You Go
10 Years – Novacaine
Earshot – Wait
Jet Black Stare – I’m Breathing
Soil – Pride
Saint Asonia – Let Me Live My Life

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