Today, July 29, is National Chicken Wing day.  A day that many of us recognize on a regular basis.  But for those looking to really celebrate the national day, here are some of the best places in the Quad Cities to get your wings on.

  1. Buffalo Wild Wings
  2. Filling Station
  3. Gunchie's
  4. Hooters
  5. Wingstop

I was a bit surprised when reading this list from LOCALS Love Us...cause well, I thought it would be more local.  Three of those top five you can pick up anywhere in the country.  I guess that means they do something right and have grown to national brands.  I will say, BWW Spicy Garlic is fantastic.  Also, the Lemon Pepper wings from Wingstop are really good if you get some of the hot (or be really bold) the Atomic, on the side to add some heat.  Now if you are going local off this list, right up the street from the Rock and Roll Mansion sit's the filling station.  I've never tried the "No Refunds HOT!" cause well, the name alone scars me.  But, they have many other great flavors including Mango Habanero and Caribbean Jack.  Couple of my favorites.

If the list from Locals Love Us isn't doing it for you, how about TripAdvisor.

  1. Front Street Brewery
  2. Mac's Tavern
  3. Granite City
  4. Hooters
  5. Tony's Chicago Style Pizzeria

The only duplicate we have here is Hooters.  Otherwise, TripAdvisor props up 4 local places to get your wings on National Wing Day.  Their number one choice is Front Street Brewery.  I'll have to try it.  I've only drank, heavily, there.  Can't go wrong with Mac's Tavern for really anything including the wings.  Then we see our first pizza joint with Tony's on the list.  I'm not sure when wings and pizza together became a thing.  But I'm glad it did.

Finally we look at Yelp, and the wing and pizza thing is even more showcased here.

  1. Hooters
  2. Wingstop
  3. Van's Pizza & More
  4. Quad City Pizza Company
  5. Buffalo Wild Wings

Again, the national chains shine through.  Ad I admit, I like them as well.  But try the local places!  I'm sure you've had Van's and QC Pizza so while ordering that pizza just grab some wings as well.

No matter what, it should be pretty easy for you to celebrate National Chicken Wing day as the Yelp listings bring up 32 places around town to get wings.  I'm sure that isn't all of the places to go, but it should give you a good start.

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