For the past 19 years, residents of Muscatine weren't allowed to own a pit bull. The ban was placed in 2003 but after 19 long years, residents who want to own a pit bull can now do so. The Muscatine City Council voted on Thursday during a regular city council meeting to lift the ban.

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People have very strong opinions on the dog breed, pit bulls. Many find them scary and dangerous, others come to the dog's defense and say it's the owner, not the dog. But for the past 19 years, whether you love them or are scared of them, residents in Muscatine weren't allowed to own a pit bull after a ban was placed on them in 2003, according to KWQC.

Title 6, Chapter 9 of the Muscatine City Code was put into law in 2003 saying it is prohibited to keep (own) Pit Bull dogs within the corporate limits of the City of Muscatine.

On April 22, 2022, Agenda Item 11D was put on the agenda for the Regular City Council Meeting on May 5th, 2022 with the subject being: Third and Final Reading of an Ordinance Striking Title 6, Chapter 9 of the Muscatine City Code Regarding Keeping of Pit Bull Dogs. On May 5th, the Muscatine City Council members cast their votes to keep or lift the ban.

After discussion of Agenda Item 11D, let by Muscatine Mayor Brad Bark, the votes were cast and the 19-year ban on Keeping Pit Bull dogs was lifted.

Council members Angela Lewis, Dewayne Hopkins, Peggy Gordon, Nadine Brockert, and Jeff Osborne voted 'yes' to lift the ban. Council members Dennis Froelich and John Jindrich voted 'no' to lifting the ban.

You can watch the discussion and voting of Agenda Item 11D to lift the ban on Keeping Pit Bull dogs in Muscatine from Thursday's council meeting above.

You can read the formal striking of the ban here.

Muscatine city officials encourage pet owners to get a pet license ASAP, according to KWQC. More details on how to obtain one can be found here.

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