Knox County, Tenn. mayor Glenn Jacobs — who for over 20 years wrestled as the masked Kane in WWE — voted “no” to mandate masks in the fight against COVID-19. Jacobs cast the only “no” vote on the Knox County Board of Health, with the final tally being 7-1.

Kane is one of the most iconic masked wrestlers in WWE history, winning multiple world championships and wrestling alongside his kayfabe brother the Undertaker as the Brothers of Destruction. Jacobs was elected as Knox County mayor in 2018 as a Republican, though the wrestler-turned-politician identified more closely as a libertarian.

Twitter erupted over Jacobs’ vote against mandating face coverings, pointing out the hilarious irony regarding his prior career.

Jacobs was spotted wearing a mask while visiting the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital the day before the Knox County Board of Health’s vote:

Jacobs’ “no” vote likely comes from his libertarian beliefs, in that government should play a very limited role in American life. Still, the great majority of doctors and health professionals have recommended that the public wear masks to slow the spread of COVID-19, with even President Trump and Vice President Pence beginning to advocate for masks following a massive surge in new COVID cases across the United States.

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