If you've ever wanted to smash a toaster with a sledge hammer, there's a new business near Des Moines that you need to check out!

According to a recent article from the Des Moines Register, Smash Room Iowa is officially open now at Kids Warrior Gym in Urbandale. If you're not familiar with the concept, Smash Room Iowa's website says:

"Rage Room, also known as smash room or anger room, is a room designed to vent anger and destroy items within the room. Clients can break items by throwing them against hard surfaces or destroy items by smashing them with tools. These tools include sledge hammers, baseball bats, golf  clubs or crow bars."

Some of the items you can smash include kitchen appliances and TVs, but you also have the option to bring your own items to break. In addition to the smashable items, Smash Room Iowa will also provide you with "coveralls, hard hats, gloves, booties, and face shields/goggles." All you will need to bring is close-toed shoes.

You can book a 30-minute smash room session for two to eight people. For two people the cost is $80, for three to four it's $160, and for five to eight it's $240. Smash Room Iowa's website also says that they offer a Splatter Paint Room, too! Check out more information about the new business and book online HERE.

Smash Room Iowa isn't the only rage room in the area! There's also Smash N Bash in Burlington and Patty's Pummel Palace in Moline. If you check out any of these places, let us know how it goes! We may need to head out and smash some stuff soon...

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