A U.S. Spotify patent — "Identification of Taste Attributes From an Audio Signal" — originally filed in 2018 has now been granted as of Jan. 12, which will afford the streaming service the ability to monitor a user's daily speech in an effort to push customized recommendations to the user.

This patent also extends to background noise in addition to daily speech and will help the platform determine a users "emotional state, gender, age or accent" and aims to quantify this data by attributing the input to a range of emotions: "happy, sad, angry or neutral," reports Music Business Worldwide.

These moods are determined by a number of factors and Spotify will be monitoring "intonation, stress, rhythm and the likes of units of speech" to make those determinations.

Currently, Spotify already collects some of this personal information through a brief questionnaire, but this approach is now viewed as antiquated and "tedious" for the user. Basically, all those options you have to input when establishing your profile are falling out of favor so Spotify can listen to everything you say, even if it's a bird chirping outside or cars driving by.

Further outlining the apparent need for this intrusive data collection method, the filing states, "What is needed is an entirely different approach to collecting taste attributes of a user, particularly one that is rooted in technology so that the above-described human activity (e.g., requiring a user to provide input) is at least partially eliminated and performed more efficiently."

Whatever Spotify recommends you in the future, at least we still have this A.I. bot that will roast your taste in music.



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