I don't like to talk about myself.  Well, other than the random things you see about me on Facebook and Instagram which is more about what I'm drinking that night.  But an awesome I-Rock 93.5 listener, Tanya Duncan, reached out and wanted to write a story about my radio history and how I ended up here in the Quad Cities.  At first I was nervous as again, I don't like to talk about me.  But, Tanya was awesome to talk with and sent over the fantastic write up below.  Now this is all you are going to get!  Want to know more...you'll have to join me at an event!

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By Tanya Duncan,

When Ryan McCredden was 18-years-old, he had a dream of becoming a radio DJ. His first position was as an intern at a radio station in Eau Claire WI. From there he progressed to Board Operator for the Packers, Assistant Program Director, Program Director, and Operation Manager roles. He has worked as a traffic reporter, in sports, news talk, and hard rock radio.

During his tenure in radio he was dedicated and made himself available to learn from the ground up. He trained with others in the industry and learned all facets including how to use all of the radio/computer equipment.

Ryan has won awards during his 20+ year career in radio including Radio Ink's 2020 Best Program Directors in radio and Houston Program Director of the Year.

In March 2019 Ryan was hired by Townsquare Media to be The Operations Manager over the five stations here. As soon as he started he clearly saw a need for a hard rock radio station. The other large markets in Iowa and Illinois had a hard rock station and the Midwest has a hunger for hard rock. It was an easy move to take the sports station at 93.5 to AM 1170. Sports fans will follow sports no matter what frequency it is on. He pitched the concept of making 93.5 a hard rock radio station and the idea was sold to Townsquare. After a summer of planning and preparing I-Rock 93.5 was born. It should be noted that almost all of the stations have gone to automation and this has helped the station succeed because the listeners play an active role in the stations. Now, a year and a half later 93.5 is the #1 station for the demographic that it serves. “The station has done very well and has been well received in this community.” said Ryan.

Ryan’s goals for I-Rock 93.5 are to continue to grow the station through events and concerts. He says, “Getting through the Covid Pandemic is needed for this to all fall into place. Having a hard rock station here now makes this a premier destination for bands to come and play live. It is all very exciting."

When Ryan isn't working for Townsquare he enjoys rocking out to his favorite bands Korn and Tool. You will catch on to this when he DJ’s. He also likes Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Less Than Jake, and the Beatles. He enjoys playing a little basketball, landscaping and gardening and really anything that he can do while listening to music. MUSIC is his favorite hobby by far!

Written by Tanya Duncan, Music, Recruiting, and Bloom Blogger and I-Rock 93.5 Fan.

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