Nowadays, the internet seems to make or breaks bands, and Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo is confident that the thrash legends "would have been destroyed" if things were the way they are now back in the early '80s when they debuted.

In 1983, when Slayer released their debut album Show No Mercy and Metallica released Kill 'Em All, thrash metal was considered underground. Obviously, it went on to become a historical movement in music, but if social media had been around, they may have carried on — because everyone has a hell of a lot to say these days.

"If the Internet existed back when Slayer released their very first album, we would have been destroyed," Lombardo admitted to the Pit's MoshTalks Cover Stories.

"So, today, these days, you have to go with the approach of how we did it back then — we didn't care. We thought it was heavy, we thought it was brutal and evil. It was dark. It had a certain feel to it. And it made all of us happy. It had our stamp of approval," the drummer continued.

Lombardo then urged newer bands to listen to themselves only, and not what anyone else has to say.

"And another thing is bands that feel, 'Oh, no. Our fans won't go for that, because our fans only like us to do this style,'" he said. "Well, then there's no growth. You're gonna grow stagnant. It's just not gonna evolve if you don't venture out and try new things."

He went on to elaborate on the longevity of Slayer's career, attributing it to the fact that they played around with different sounds and styles, and didn't make one album sound like another.

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