Snakes are very interesting creatures. Some are harmless, some are enormous and some are just plain dangerous. Many people do keep reptiles as pets, including Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash, who recently helped Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell have a rattlesnake removed from his residence.

The Alice in Chains guitarist recently posted a video of a pretty hefty rattlesnake coiled up outside of his home. "That's a big boy — got about seven rattles on it," Cantrell says during his narration of the video. "I'm not gonna be messing around with that dude."

Slash, who's been featured on the cover of Reptiles Magazine, has owned snakes throughout the majority of his life, even having custom exhibits built into the structures of his homes for them. So, Cantrell figured it fit to call the fellow guitar legend and seek out his advice on what to do about the rattler on his property.

Cantrell posted an update the next day in the form of a video on his Instagram, where he begins by laughing at his newfound quarantine facial hair. He then flipped the camera and zoomed in on the snake, which had relocated itself elsewhere on the premises.

"I called up a buddy of mine who I knew knew a little something about snakes, I called Slash," Cantrell continued. The GN'R guitarist, who is also on the L.A. Zoo board, recommended Ian from the Los Angeles zoo, who went to Cantrell's house to remove the snake, which can be seen in the next video in the post. Ian pointed out that the snake was an older male, as it had evidently lost a portion of the rattle on its tail.

"Whoo hoo! Stoked that Ian could help out," Slash commented on Cantrell's post. "Jerry, so glad you called me, snake will live to fight another day!" See the videos below.

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