With all of this free time on our hands, a lot of people are looking to the Animal Crossing video game series to occupy themselves. Why is this relevant to rock and metal? Because you can design band tees based on your favorite artists for your character to wear while you play.

For those who aren't familiar, Animal Crossing is an open-ended Nintendo game where you get to live in a town full of animals. The game was first introduced in 2001 on the Nintendo 64, and made an appearance every few years after on a different system. It was brought back in 2020 on the new Nintendo Switch, and has become popular on social media in the form of memes.

Now that people are stuck inside, they've really delved into the game and its design features, which allow you to make your own clothing for your character. A plethora of images started surfacing on the internet over the last few days of peoples' characters sporting band tees — Slipknot, Tool, Metallica, Slayer and more. Some have even created posters for their homes' walls.

Scroll through the images below to see some tweets and reddit posts of the virtual band tees. In dark times, it's always refreshing to find a little light.


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