Some people believe in a god. Some believe in the power of the universe. We believe in Corey Taylor.

That was a really dramatic sentence to troll the people who think we live and breathe all things CMFT. Or was it?

Taylor has left his mark all over rock and metal throughout his lifetime, from forming Stone Sour in the mid-'90s to becoming the full-time frontman for Iowan metal force Slipknot. He's even dabbled in hip-hop in recent years, so he's just about done it all.

Born in Des Moines, Iowa on Dec. 8, 1973, Taylor was destined to be a voice for the pissed-off youth of the world. He endured a lot of trauma growing up, adopted drug habits at a young age and later attempted suicide.

But he's overcome his struggles and is stronger than ever today. He released his debut solo album CMFT in October of 2020, he's been sober for a few years and has adopted an overall healthier lifestyle. Here's to Corey MF Taylor. Scroll through the images below to see photos of our lord and savior through the years.

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