Two legends of rock.  Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne.  They've played together before.  Ozzfest and beyond.  Getting them together at this point in their career, and lives could be tough.  But we'll be able to get a feel of what it would be like and have a great time doing it.

Saturday, March 4 at Rascals Live Music Venue Wonkzilla'z Zombie Experience (Rob & White Zombie Tribute Band) with special guests Killer of Giants - A Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne and local favorites Potential Spam.

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Tickets are available now right here.  Save yourself some cash and get them now.  Buy them early for $9.35.  They'll be $15 at the door.  Saving $5 per ticket.  That's a drink for each of you!  Get your tickets right here.

Wonkzilla's Zombie Experience

If you've missed out on the Wonkzilla guys at The Palace, Rascals for Halloween, or The Devil's Door for New Year's Eve, then this should be your time to come and rock with them.  High energy all things Rob and White Zombie.

Although maybe you have seen them before at other events and just didn't recognize them out of costume.

This show on March 4 at Rascal's might look a bit different from the above pic.  You'll have to be there to find out.

Killer of Giants

America's #1 Ozzy Osbourne Tribute band will be making their way to the Quad Cities from Bloomington Illinois.  With all of Ozzy's songs you know and love the Killer of Giants have been rockin his hard hits for years.

Joining the party will be Quad Cities favorite "Potential Spam".  It will be a great night of music you know at Rascals in Moline.  March 4.  Get your tickets now to save some cash and we'll see you there.


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