Last summer we had nothing.  I mean really, in 2020 we had a big bag of nothing all together.  But that May-September time in the Quad Cities when we should be at a festival, concert or sporting event every weekend enjoying our warm weather...we had nothing.

Now, the wait is over.  Jambrella Productions, along with the MVF, RME and QC Rock Academy have announced a list of festivals and shows that they'll be hosting over the remainder of the year.

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Things really get started May 22 with a QC Rock Academy festival at Schwiebert Riverfront Park in Rock Island featuring student bands including Been There Done That, Strictly Business and more.  Then, June 12th a five hour festival featuring local bands will take place as they celebrate the anniversary of the RME.  September 11th, there will be a 20th anniversary remembrance show at the MVF.  On October 23rd there will be a Battle of the Bands, and finally, Jambrella will be producing the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds New Year's Eve bash.  So yeah, they are staying busy.

These shows will feature some of the best local and regional acts around.  But that is not all Jambrella is doing.  Expect to see them at a local bar near you for everything from more jam sessions, to open mic nights and any type of live music from all around the area. The best way to stay updated with all the events, festivals and live music they are putting together is to follow them on Facebook right here.

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