Joey's Famous Dog Treats

Joseph Evans is a 13-year-old boy with a business, and he claims to sell the best homemade dog treats! Joey started his business back in 2018 when he was only 10-tears-old. He started by only making treats for his dog Libby, but now he makes treats for other dogs to enjoy.


"I've always had an entrepreneur mindset and thought that if I didn't like the way something was made, I could make it myself."


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About Joey

Joey is an 8th grader at Bettendorf Middle School. He loves to play hockey and loves pets. He comes from a family of 7, including two brothers Coy and Sonny, two sisters Natalie and Clara, and Mom and Dad. Natalie and Clara (his two sisters) used to occasionally help Joey make treats, but not at all anymore. Joey's parents simply help him by providing him with appliances such as the oven.

Joey started his business, Joey's Famous Dog Treats, in 2018 when he wanted a healthier alternative to treats for his dog Libby. Instead of going on a search for the perfect treat, he decided to make his own. When friends and family heard what he was doing, they wanted to buy some, and that's when Joey got the idea to turn his new hobby into a business.

About The Business
Joey's treats are made with only 5 ingredients: (6 with Icing) water, coconut oil, flour, oats, and the flavor you order (such as peanut butter.) The recipe was made on his own with some experimenting. Joey says, "With homemade treats, you know exactly what goes into them, and you get the feeling that someone made this by hand, and not in a factory somewhere. When you shop from a small business such as my own, you get good customer service that you can't get anywhere else, you also are supporting someone's local career. Most importantly you know that your product will be made with care."
Ordering Treats
To purchase Joey's Famous Dog Treats go to



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