If anybody ever says the Quad Cities doesn't rock, just laugh at them and show them these pictures from Sevendust, Austin Meade, Alborn and Kirra at the Rust Belt on a Tuesday night.

When the Sevendust tour was getting put together, initially the Quad Cities wasn't on the opening route.  Just couldn't make the timing work.  But then, after the first couple locations had conflicts and had to cancel, we jumped on it.  Yeah, it was a Tuesday and we had 4 weeks to promote it.  But whatever, we weren't going to let them drive through the midwest and not stop in the Quad Cities.

The show would not disappoint, YOU would not disappoint.  It was amazing to see all the hard rock fans in the Rust Belt from before the doors opened, all the way till 11:30pm when Sevendust would wrap up the night.

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Out of Oklahoma City, Kirra would get the night started with some heavy stuff that set the tone for the night.  Next up would be Quad Cities own Alborn.  You guys love to buy that Alborn merch.  So many band shirts in the crowd!  I feel like you need a name.  Albornians.  Albornheads.  Albornareenos.  Those all suck.  But you, the hard core traveling Alborn group, need a name.  Austin Meade then took the stage for their set of southern infused rock.

After all that, it was 10:10pm.  I thought for sure the crowd might thin out as the night got long.  Not at all...it filled in even more!  Sevendust rocked that place and you rocked right along with them.  Playing the old school 7D you know and love, plus new stuff (very happy they opened with Dying To Live) from Blood and Stone.

Thank you all so much for supporting hard rock.  For supporting live music.  For just being so damn awesome.  Till next time (Steel Panther July 10) enjoy the pictures below from Sofia Chesney photography.  Check out more of her awesome shots on Instagram @sofia_chesney and on On Facebook,  Sofia Chesney Photography.


Sevendust, Austin Meade, Alborn, Kirra at The Rust Belt

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