November 21 at The Rust Belt in East Moline it was freezing cold outside, and hot and sweaty inside as a couple of thousand people got together to enjoy four bands on a Sunday night.  Ice Nine Kills, Bad Omens, Currents, and Fame on Fire were live for the Quad Cities and brought it hard.

The crowd started the night well before the doors opened.  It was the longest I've ever seen a line at The Rust Belt as the folks waiting were wrapped around the building.  As a reminder, this was November 21.  And it was windy af.  Those people were cold!  I give it to each and every one of you that came early and stood in line.  I hate the cold.  No chance I could have pulled that off.

The night started before the doors officially opened.  For those that bought the "RIP" (their VIP package) experience, it was worth the price of admission just to get in from the cold early.  They also played horror movie trivia with Ice Nine Kills and then got a Q&A with the band.  I've been to a decent amount of these things, this one went on for quite some time compared to most.  The guys were all there and I could tell they really did enjoy talking with fans.

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Then the doors opened and the mass of cold bodies came pouring in.  Side note, if you are going to bring an old blanket or coat to stand in line during a metal show, don't just throw it away.  Set it off to the side.  Seriously, I saw people just throwing away blankets they were using to stay warm.  I would have held onto them for you or at least just put them in the Rust Belt stash to use for something else.  Anyway, the Rust Belt started filling up, and from the moment it opened until well after the show, the line for the Ice Nine Kills merch never stopped.  I think every person there bought something.

The show started with Fame on Fire.  A quick 20-minute set, but a great way to start the night.  Next up was Currents.  These guys are heavy man.  If you've never heard them before and you like it, as one fan told me, "chunky" check em out.  Then Bad Omens stepped up for their 30 minutes.  The band sounded great, but as you'll see below in the photo gallery, the lighting was very dim.  Hard to really see and feel the band.

Then it was time for Ice Nine Kills.  They set the mood with this creepy soundtrack of noises and horror-type music.  It was fine, but 30 minutes of it was a bit much.  I guess it made them coming out that much better cause holy crap I just wanted that to stop.  But when INK started, they started strong and didn't stop for the full one hour and fifteen minutes.  Thumper after banger after hit song along with costume changes, props, a video board playing along with the songs and just pure energy the entire time.

When you listen to Ice Nine Kills, they have a very heavy sound but when you see them live, it was at a totally new level.  Remember all those cold people I told you about before the show.  Nobody left cold.  They left hot and sweaty in a jam-packed pit that was going hard.

It was awesome to get this tour into town.  All of them are bands we'd definitely welcome back...maybe just when it's a bit warmer so you don't have to freeze while waiting in line.  But you're got this!

Ice Nine Kills, Bad Omens, Currents and Fame on Fire at The Rust Belt

It was a packed house for the Hip To Be Scared - Severed Leg 2 tour featuring Ice Nine Kills, Bad Omens, Currents and Fame on Fire at The Rust Belt.

Chevelle at The Rust Belt

Chevelle rocked the Rust Belt Sunday night with an awesome, high energy set that provided us a ton of concert memories.

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