Every year with the Grammys there are noticeable omissions and one of the artists left out of this year's nomination pool has a beef. Jeris Johnson, who reworked Papa Roach's "Last Resort" with the band on the successful update "Last Resort Reloaded," aired out his gripe and made his argument for why they should be nominated on social media.

Wielding a sword, Johnson swivels his chair toward the camera and immediately calls out the Grammys for the exclusion of "Last Resort Reloaded." "It was literally one of the biggest rock songs of the entire year coming from a brand new artist and a legacy band. It got way more streams and attention than any of the other songs on that list did, besides AC/DC. And it was a Billboard No. 1," Johnson explains, making his case for why it should have been nominated.

Then letting his frustration out, the musician added, "But no, instead of highlighting something that is actually bringing rock into the future, pushing things forward, you just keep nominating the same irrelevant corpses from like 80 fucking years ago. Make it make sense!"

The Best Rock Performance category that was recently announced includes AC/DC's "Shot in the Dark," Black Pumas' "Know You Better," Chris Cornell's "Nothing Compares 2 U" cover, Deftones' "Ohms" and Foo Fighters' "Making a Fire." Meanwhile, the Best Rock Song category, which salutes the songwriters, also has Foo Fighters' "Making a Fire," alongside Mammoth WVH's "Distance," Kings of Leon's "The Bandit," Weezer's "All My Favorite Songs" and Paul McCartney's "Find My Way."

Johnson's star has been on the rise over the last year, revamping classic rock songs and gaining popularity on TikTok. It was there that Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix came across Johnson's work and the collaboration evolved from there with the entire band shooting a video (seen below) with Johnson for their reworked version of the song.

"It was amazing to hear that Jeris connected with the track the same way people all over the world have. That conversation of 'Last Resort' and its impact on all types of people hasn’t stopped for 20 years, and we were stoked to 'Reload' it for a new generation to keep that conversation going," stated Shaddix upon the new version's release.

Johnson issued a new EP, My Sword, earlier this year, did a "Can You Feel My Heart?" remix with Bring Me the Horizon's Oli Sykes and hit the road with Falling in Reverse and Wage War.

While Johnson won't be picking up a Grammy this year, someone will be crowned in the rock and metal categories come Jan. 31 when the 64th Annual Grammy Awards takes place on CBS.

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