Before we start, I totally understand that this is a major "first-world problem". I personally think that some gas pumps take way too long to work with. Questions like,

"Enter Pin."

"Enter Zip Code."

"Would you like to join our rewards program?"

"Would you like a car wash?"

"Would you like a receipt?"

"You seem upset..."

"Are you mad at me?"

Okay, those last two might be a bit over-dramatic.

The only reason these bother me is that I've been to pumps that have the scan option and when you use it, it only asks one question max. I then went to a different station the next day and scanned my card, but this time I was hit with 4 questions again. So I know it's possible not to be hit with these questions, some stations just like asking questions.


It seems like in the winter there may be a way better option. A way where if I want to do something, like get rewards or a car wash I could push a different button on my own without being promoted to.

Again total first-world problem, and thinking about it isn't awful by any means, BUT in that moment,  when you're standing in that negative 10-degree weather at 7 in the morning, it is the most annoying thing! None of us want to spend our time answering questions when they can just put stuff off on the side and I could click "car wash" if I wanted it.

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Don't even get me started on when something inst working and I'm stuck pushing the "enter" button for 5 minutes while that wind chill smacks me. At the end of the day, this complaint only applies to the winter month. I wish there was a change where fewer questions are asked.

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