You can go home again! During Alice Cooper's concert at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colorado last night (Oct. 4), he was joined by a familiar face - guitarist Nita Strauss.

Strauss turned up during Cooper's encore to rock his staple "School's Out" on guitar, with the legendary shock rock showman introducing her as "Her Majesty, Queen Of The Guitar!"

Earlier this year, Strauss stepped away from her longtime gig as Cooper's guitarist in order to take on a role in Demi Lovato's live lineup. And in this case the timing worked out perfectly as Lovato had just performed in Denver the previous night, allowing Strauss to make a quick trip over to join Cooper on a night off.

Nita actually shared the spotlight with Kane Roberts, another former Cooper guitarist who returned to fill Nita's spot in the band once she vacated it earlier this year.

"I had the best time! Thanks for the warm welcome," stated Strauss via Twitter.

Earlier this year, Nita spoke with Loudwire Nights about making the transition from Cooper to Lovato's live band. She recalled, "I went to Alice, I did it face-to-face. We were just started the U.K. leg of the last Alice tour, and I went to his hotel room and talked to him and his wife Sheryl."

She then added, "They hugged me and were so happy and gave their absolute blessing. Alice said, 'We're so proud of you. Go out, shine your light, have a great time and we'll see what happens for next year.' There was never a, 'Hey, I quit, goodbye, thanks for everything.' It was just, 'I'm gonna take a step back, try something different for a few months and we'll regroup and see what happens."

"I was with Alice for eight years, I think as an artist it's important to take different opportunities and try different things, and I wanted to do that," said the guitarist, who has also released solo albums during her time with Cooper and most recently served up the solo song "Summer Storm."

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