Winter in the Quad Cities is cold.  Duh.  But when wind chills reach -40 the "oh just bundle up and it will be OK" mantra can be shoved so far in your...puffy coat.  When it gets that cold, there is nothing awesome enough happening outside to justify opening the door.

How bad will it be this week?

Of course, things can always shift a bit, but when this much of the country is bracing for a winter blast the Quad Cities needs to be prepared for some kind of winter weather.  It's not just the snow, but also the 50 mph winds and -40 wind chills, that will get you right in your boo-boo.

This is why you need to find things to do in the house.   Don't be a hero and go out in this weather.  Just enjoy these 9 things to do when it's freezing outside.

9 - Bake or Get Baked.  Or Both.

Chocolate brownies

Using the oven will help heat up the house.  Smoking will just make you numb in general.  So go ahead and do both.  But maybe do the actual baking first.

8 - Binge Watch...Anything


If you've already performed number 9, then this one should be easy.  Sit down with your tray of brownies and eat them all while watching any show.  If you haven't yet, I'd recommend Wednesday on Netflix.  So good.

7 - Name That Tune Drinking Game

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So you want to be a little more active yet also have some fun.  Crank up the station and play name that tune.  The loser takes a drink each either way, you are a winner!

6 - Take a Loooooonnnnnnggggg Shower.

Asian woman Enjoying the shower She is washing her hair.

Stay in the shower until all the hot water is used up.  It will make you feel better about not having to be outside when it's -50.  And this will kind of heat up the house.

5 - Finally Beat Super Mario Bros 2.

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Seriously, I have beat every Mario game except Super Mario Bros. 2.  Of course you could end up smashing your controller because of that stupid game, and then you won't be able to play for the rest of the cold snap.  So be careful with this one.

4 - Indoor Hockey

Hockey goalie wearing a vintage goalie mask

Ball.  Buckets.  Brooms.  Breakables secure.  Hockey time.

3 - Winter Cleaning?

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Ok, I know this one sounds terrible.  But I had to give you one productive thing to do.  And after indoor hockey, you will probably need to spend time cleaning.  You'll work up a sweat quickly not just cleaning your filth, but also going through all those old boxes you've been accumulating.  Do you really need that box of Time magazines from the 90s?

2 - Play Your Musical Instrument

iStockphoto, Getty Images
iStockphoto, Getty Images

That is not a metaphor for "your" instrument.  It actually means dusting off the guitar, drums, keyboard...whatever it is you put down years ago.  Pick it back up and give it another try.  Even if you just make noise, the sound waves will knock the snow and ice from the roof so you won't have to go out there to scrape it off.

1 - Stay In Bed.  Preferably Not Alone.

.close up of heterosexual couple having sex

Yeah, you can just curl up in bed under some big blankets.  That will work.  But don't forget about the power of body heat.  That is the best way to stay warm when you don't want to go outside.

I think it's a trap, but the company had a lot of good pictures to choose from on this one.  Like...

Hot passionate lovers at night, woman with lace eye cover and red lips

And like this one.  Not sure why they would even have this one...but here we are.

Attractive girlfriend and boyfriend hugging and making love in bed

Well then.

If you don't have anybody to stay warm with you in that bed, refer back to tip number 6.  And it doesn't have to be a cold shower.

Stay warm Quad Cities.

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