Quad Cities own Alborn is back with another single and I can't wait till we can get them back on stage.

After the success of "Full Circle", the bands first release under their new deal with Imagen Records, Alborn continues to crank out the heavy stuff with "Cause To Create".

Alborn is comprised of Justin Taylor [guitar/vocals], Alex Raser [Drums/vocals], Zame Lewis [bass] and Nate Guske [guitar/vocals].

On the bands website they talk about how the band has been compared to Deftones or a heavier version of Alice in Chains with their sound.  I totally agree with the Deftones comparison (which is probably one of the reasons I like them so much) however they have a sound of their own.  This one to me has the influences of Breaking Benjamin.  There is a little something extra to the drums on this one that make it different from "Full Circle".  Plus, it still has the great driving guitars, vocals and drops that just make you want to crank it up and get ready for a show.

The song was produced by Morgan Rose of Sevendust and Co-Produced and Engineered by Jose Urquiza at The Attic Recording Studios.  The mix came from James "Fluff" Harley and was mastered by Vlado Meller.

Enjoy, and keep listening to I-Rock 93.5 to hear the song....and I swear, the second we can do it...get them back on stage for you!

Check out the lyrics to Cause To Create and video below:

I'm dying to make me
I can feel the fire
Rising inside
Where is the exit?
24 hours of torture
Just to hate in the end
Turn of events
Led us to this Inhibits amends
Still it goes on and on and on I can't forgive Its burned to ashes
Still we fight wrong from right
But when will we admit it's the same?
The well is running dry
As if we lost the cause to create
The fire that made me
Feels like I'm buried alive
And on my final strike
So goodbye
I'm dying to make me
Get a grip on this disastrous obvious accident
Why'd we ever give this a chance to begin with
Place an arrest
Lay me to rest
All along you wanted all you wanted wrong
But in the end it's all for you
Delete it
All that remains is all the same
Reused, reduced, re-abused
For what, when it's all the same?
Select your side I made mine
Now you decide
Can you determine wrong from right?

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