After a grueling competition of trivia, talking, music...and playing with balls and sticks, I-Rock 93.5 has a new King and Queen.  Meet your 2022 Mr. and Mrs. I-Rock.  Matt K. and Gabby H. are ready to rule the I-Rock world!  Or at least go to all the shows for the rest of the year.

Saturday (May 28) we gathered all the potential champions at Gunchies in Davenport for our coronation party.  (CHECK OUT THE PICTURES BELOW)  While every person who played in our game walked away with tickets to something and the coveted I-Rock 93.5 koozie, only 2 could take the crown.

How did Matt and Gabby become King and Queen?

Over the month of May I-Rock 93.5 qualified one potential Mr. and one potential Mrs. every day.  Then, they competed in the following:

  • Rock Trivia - These were apparently way too hard.  Out of 10 questions, the person with the most right was Gabby with 4.  Matt got 3 right here.
  • Name That Tune - Once again, guess we made these too hard.  Gabby and Marissa did the best among the ladies scoring 7 and 6 out of 10 respectively.  And for the fellas, Matt actually got 9 of 10!  Both Keith and Nekoda represented strong with 6 of 10.
  • Beer Pong - Almost everybody got one in, with a high score of three balls deep.
  • Radio Speak - If any of the potential kings and queens were actually live on the radio the station would have been shut down in a heartbeat.  So many f-bombs.
  • Drumstick Catch - Everybody that played along for Mr. and Mrs. I-Rock is ready to catch a drumstick from some drummer at a concert.  It was impressive to catch the ones that flew across the volleyball court.

What did Matt and Gabby win for becoming Mr. and Mrs. I-Rock.

To the victor go the spoils.  Both Matt and Gabby got hooked up with:

  • A pair of tickets to all the rock shows coming to the QC for the rest of 2022.  This currently includes; Knotfest, Shaman's Harvest, As I Lay Dying, Three Days Grace, and Fun Cards for the MVF.
  • $250 in cash thanks to Dispensary in Fulton.
  • A crown for the King.  A tiara for the Queen.
  • A case of "imported" beer.
  • An I-Rock 93.5 cape.  (It was just an I-Rock flag with string so they can were it like a cape.  But still, pretty damn cool)

Will we do this again in 2023?

Who the hell knows.  Will we even still be a station in 2023?  I mean corporate always has us on their radar.  But, I think with how loud and vocal you continue to be about I-Rock 93.5, we'll be here, and yeah...why the hell not.  We'll do it again next year!

Thank you to everyone who listened trying to qualify and all the competitors at Gunchies who gave it their all!  Check out all the pictures below.

Meet Your 2022 Mr. and Mrs. I-Rock, Matt and Gabby

It was a good time at Gunchies as we crowned our champion. Check out the pictures here and keep studying your rock trivia, cause we'll do it again next year!

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