The legendary leads of Wayne’s World, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, have finally made amends after years of bitterness. Carvey shared the revelation while appearing on The Howard Stern Show this week, sharing that he and Myers have become close friends in the past year.

A professional rivalry of sorts began while the two comics were on Saturday Night Live together. When their popular Wayne’s World sketch was being turned into a feature film, Carvey actually quit the film after first reading the script, which Myers co-wrote. Many of Carvey’s ideas had been left out from the draft, his role being diminished to a mere sidekick rather than co-star.

Carvey and Myers’ relationship grew to its most strained after Myers starred in the first Austin Powers movie, due to Myers’ character attributes for Dr. Evil allegedly being lifted from Carvey’s own impression of SNL mastermind Lorne Michaels.

“We’ve come full circle since I talked to you last [2019]. We’ve become very very close friends,” Carvey told Stern. “The only good thing about getting old is you just, sort of get a little more wisdom, you get a little more perspective and you practice forgiveness for others and for yourself.”

Carvey adds that he and Myers started to reconcile while filming a 2021 Super Bowl commercial based on Wayne’s World. “We got closer during that whole process and started talking more. It’s very nice to have such a long friendship with someone, and everyone knows what we’re talking about … I just feel like I came to know him in a much better way as we’ve been really really talking these last couple years, and kind of put him in context — understand him.”

“Everyone has a 10-year-old boy inside them, or girl. That little person gets very jealous of the shiny new toy, very envious. As friends in these last few years, you put down all your weapons and you’re just very vulnerable and very honest. It’s a great way to be with someone.”

Dana Carvey Has Made Amends With Mike Myers

Check out Carvey’s chat with Stern in the video above.

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