Day one of the Mississippi Valley Fair is always a big day.  It's the opening day of 6 days of food, drink, games, and music.  But this year, the MVF started not only big but as you can see in the pictures below, it started huge with Kid Rock packing the grandstand.

The day started with a different kind of bang.

The day at the Mississippi Valley Fair started like many days start for I-Rock 93.5.  Wet and tired.  At 6:00 a.m. when the storms rolled in, we knew it was going to be muddy and everything would be full of water.  But after we dumped the water out of the tents and scraped the mud from our shoes, the day quickly become like any other at the fair.

We played music.  We handed out prizes for people that played Plinko.  We took breaks to eat. (Thank you Famous Dave's...that brisket mac was amazing)  And we got ready for what we knew was going to be a wild night.

Come play Radinko to win prizes cause you rock.

The night started with the longest line I've seen...possibly ever for any concert ever.  It was from the grandstand all the way back to the barns.  But as they all filed in, we in our radio sneakiness, got in through the side and right backstage. Doug Brundies did a fantastic job as he got things going with the National Anthem.  Then the new Mississippi Valley Queen said hi to the crowd.  Then a couple of dorks grabbed the mic and talked about something.  I wasn't paying attention to them.  I tossed out some shirts (probably should have brought like 20,000 more) and took the pictures you can see below.

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After that, we hung out backstage until it was showtime.  As you can see in the pics we saw Kid Rock and the band walk to the massive stage and get the show started.  I snuck around the side where I got some pictures of the stage.  But after that, I couldn't get any more of the full stage.  Because that place was packed.  As Kid Rock would say "from side to side from front to back" that place was slammed.

Was it the biggest crowd in MVF history?  I'd guess yes.  But we'll wait to hear official word from the fair.  The rock might be done, but the fair food, drink, games, and fun at the I-Rock 93.5 tent continue all week.  See you there.

Kid Rock at the Mississippi Valley Fair

Day one of the 2022 Mississippi Valley Fair was packed from side to side from front to back.

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