Time to celebrate the weekend with some great music this weekend in the Quad Cities area!  Here's a list of some live bands to go support.
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Down 24 @  Bonnie's, Clinton
QC Vinyl @ Geneseo Central Bank Pavilion
Wednesday Blues Jam @ Kavanaugh's HilltopThursday
Blue60 @ Music On The Avenue - Clinton!
The Crooked Cactus Band @ Bass Street Landing
Ky&Ty Duo Live at Go Fish
Katherine Shewell (Kas Music) @ Gypsy Highway
The Velies @ Faye's Field, BettendorfFriday
Superfly Samurai, Brooke Byam & The Daymakers @ Low Moor Days
Piso's Cure @ RME Live @ 5
The Velies @ Dirty Water Music

Mizzipi Mud at Mayne St. Pub-N-Grub in Bluegrass

Brooke Byam & Alex Miller @ Wild Rose Casino & Hotel-Clinton
3 On The Tree @ Blue Suede, Port Byron
Angela Meyer LIVE @ Pour Bros Taproom
The Crooked Cactus Band @  11th Street Precinct
Ky&Ty Duo @ Tuggers, Port Byron
Dirt Road Rockers @ Grease Monkeys Sports Bar and Grill
Jacob Hemenway @ Green Tree Brewery
Without U2 (U2 Tribute band) @ The Tangled Wood
7n7 Band @ Psycho Silo
Ariel McReynolds @ Bootleg Hill Honey Meads

Mr. Ed at Galena Brewing Company

The Knockoffs @ Cordova Fest

Chicago Farmer and The Feild Notes @ Poor House Tap, Camanche

Code 415 @ Parkside Grill & Lounge
Avey Grouws Duo @ Jennie's Boxcar
ALANNA ROYALE @ Raccoon Motel
The Knockoffs @ Captain's Table

Upcoming Shows:

Saturday, July 23rd
The Knockoffs @ The Block That Rocks (a.k.a. Iron Horse Saloon and Hawg Dogs)
Sunday, July 24th
The Knockoffs @ Runner's Park in East Moline

If you have any shows coming up that you'd like to promote here on 97X just email billstage@97X.com.  We'd love to get the word out about your show.

To add your event, send the info to BillStage@97X.com

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