I-Rock 93.5 wants to wobble and gobble with you through Downtown Davenport for our first-ever bar crawl.  November 19, it's the I-Rock 93.5 "Crawlgiving".  For you to crawl with us you'll just need to listen to I-Rock 93.5 to win your way in.  

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Where are we going to crawl?

We don't want to walk far to go from one bar to another.  So .5 miles seems like enough walking for us.  In that .5 miles, we are going to stop at 5 different bars.

Barrel House – 6:30-7:15
Armored Gardens – 7:20-7:50
Analog Arcade Bar – 7:55-8:25
Boozies – 8:30-9:00
Daq Faq – 9:05-9:35
Google Maps
Google Maps

You'll be thankful for all this during Crawlgiving.

Not only are you going to get drink and food, but also, if you were a winner, you'll be hooked up with I-Rock 93.5 swag so everyone downtown knows you are rolling with the hardest rockin bar crawl in the Quad Cities.

  • Barrel House - Crawlers get free pizza.
    • Plus you can get an Island Time beer and Carmel Apple Pie shot for $6
  • Armored Gardens - Crawlers and their guest get a free drink.  (up to $5)
  • Analog Arcade - Crawlers get a cup of tokens.
  • Boozies - Crawlers get free appetizer baskets and a Boozie Koozie.
    • Plus you can get $1 Jello Shots, $2 Apple Pie A La Mode Shots, and $5 Boozies Magic Potion drinks
  • Daq Faq - Crawlers and their guest get a free signature Funky Munky.

But wait there's more!

Those are the drinks and food you'll be getting during our "Crawlgiving".  But we are also going to hook you up with the I-Rock 93.5 merch you need to crawl in style.

Each winner and their date/mate will get an I-Rock 93.5 hoodie from GT Sports.

GT Sports
GT Sports

Plus, each winner and their plus one will get this limited edition I-Rock 93.5 can cooler from Premiere Metal Art.

Premier Metal Art
Premier Metal Art

Plus, since we are going to spend the night drinking, each winner gets $20 for a ride home.

Yellow taxi sign on car

How you can wobble and gobble with us at the Crawlgiving.

Listen November 1st through 11th from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. for the Crawlgiving song of the day.  Enter the song below.  One person will win a spot for themselves and a guest every day.

It's just that simple for you to get basted with the I-Rock 93.5 Crawlgiving.

*Must be 21 to win.
*Winners plus one must be 21.
*Hoodie sizes will be limited and available on first win basis.
*Winner and guest of their choice both receive hoodie and can cooler.
*Winner receives $20 cash

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