They are the Suicide Squad: Viola Davis! Margot Robbie! Jai Courtney! Joel Kinnaman! Storm Reid!

Wait, Storm Reid? The little girl from A Wrinkle in Time? O.... kay.

Reid is among the 24 names revealed by James Gunn as the official cast of his The Suicide Squad, the sequel/reboot to the first Suicide Squad movie. Gunn posted the full list to Twitter:

All of the names above (minus Storm Reid) are returning from the original film, which was directed by David Ayer. Robbie is Harley Quinn, Kinnaman is Rick Flag, Davis is Amanda Waller, and Courtney is Captain Boomerang. The big name missing from the sequel is Will Smith, who played Deadshot. That role will now be played by Idris Elba; Reid is actually playing his character’s daughter. (Also missing is Jared Leto, who was the Joker in the previous film. It remains to be seen whether the character will appear in the film in some form.)

All in all, it’s a pretty impressive roster, including some very funny folks, along with several members of Gunn’s repertory company (like Sean Gunn and Michael Rooker) who are making the jump from Marvel to DC with him. The Suicide Squad opens in theaters on August 6, 2021.

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