Love is in the air in the Quad Cities.  A romantic holiday is just around the corner and the temperature isn't polar so you can take off a couple of layers.

If you can't wait till you get home, or don't have a home base to share a passionate embrace, here are the top 6 places in the Quad Cities to make out (or even more) in your car without getting busted.

Of course, we should say that if you do "even more" and get busted, you really can get busted in Iowa.

The Top 6 Places To Get Freaky In Your Car In The Quad Cities

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The Car Wash

Modern Brush Car Wash

A nice slow drive through the foamy tunnel of love that is a Quad Cities car wash.  It doesn't matter which one.  Choose from the roughly 10,000.  Find the slowest one for the most time together.

River Drive Parking In Moline

Mississippi River/Tami Seitz/Townsquare Media
Mississippi River/Tami Seitz/Townsquare Media

There are plenty of good places to park and take a look at the river.  Or not look at the river while parked to make out.  The biggest stretch is along River Drive in Moline. Plenty of parking to leave a buffer between cars.

Northpark Mall or Southpark Mall Parking Lots

Don't care about the scenery?  There is plenty...PLENTY...of open parking at either Northpark or Southpark.  The only reason this could be risky is somebody might get suspicious when they see a car...parked at the mall.

Sunset Marina

orange sunset and asphalt road to horizon

So you like a good sunset.  Then all you need is the tip...of Rock Island.

Insert Event Parking Lot Here

Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram
Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram

So you just saw a show at the Rust Belt, Vibrant Arena, Capitol Theatre, or Mississippi Valley Fair?  You have two choices;

  1. Sit in traffic and be annoyed.
  2. Make out in the parking lot while the other chumps sit in traffic.

Number 2 seems like a win-win.

Not In The Quad Cities

Rural Minnesota dirt road with farms in morning light

It doesn't take that long to not be in the city portion of the Quad Cities.  Just find a dirt road in the middle of farmland and pull over.  Just be sure to pull way over to the side of the road in case another car comes by late at night looking for their spot to make out.


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