Call it a "bad sign," a "bad vibe," maybe even some bad "mojo" in Illinois...It's summer that means the DEVIL BIRD is here. IllinoisGOV

So here's the deal on the flying Satan bird, or as it's named "Anhinga." That even sounds No seriously, check this out:

The name Anhinga comes from the Tupi Indians in Brazil, meaning "devil bird" or "evil spirit of the woods." - AllAboutBirds 

See, told you...Pure evil. SO when the "evil spirit of the woods" flies past you, what should you do? What a trip.

YouTube - Anik Anik
YouTube - Anik Anik

This 'Devil Bird" can be found in Southern Illinois. It's long neck, it's ability to swim, and the amount of Motley Crue it listens to...has it a pretty terrifying bird:

These birds are found around large bodies of water where they eat fishes and other small aquatic animals. When perching, it often spreads its wings open. It may swim below the water’s surface with only its head emerging. - DNRILLINOIS

This "Devil Bird" also comes with a few other nicknames: water turkey" because of it turkey-like tail, and "snake bird." I think snake bird is scary enough, but throw in that witchcraft part. Yikes.

So how does the "Devil Bird" fest on it's prey in the water you ask?

A dark body stealthily swims through a lake with only a snakelike head poking above the surface. What may sound like the Loch Ness monster is actually an Anhinga, swimming underwater and stabbing fish with its daggerlike bill. AllAboutBirds


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