Ordering online is really convenient but if you're not careful, you'll never receive your package.

There's A Big Crime Problem In Illinois

I realize I talked about it over and over again. I will keep highlighting the issue until something is done about it. We have a really big crime problem in Illinois. Leading the way is stealing. You have to understand the fact that you're personal property can be stolen at any time and anywhere. That's the reason to always be on the lookout for porch pirates. They've gotten a lot braver through the years. The suspect will take pretty much anything that isn't nailed down.

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The Evolution Of Stolen Mail In Illinois

It started with a daring thief that worked up enough courage to walk up to your house and steal letters right out of your mailbox. There are those shady postal workers that make sure you never receive that birthday check from grandma. As customers started ordering more merchandise off the internet, more thieves started showing up in neighborhoods to steal packages right off the front stoop.

Illinois Thieves Stealing From UPS Drop Boxes
Illinois Thieves Stealing From UPS Drop Boxes

They are called porch pirates. Then, the suspects started taking the loot right off the delivery truck and sometimes going as far as stealing the vehicle. That's not where it stopped. Criminals started breaking into exterior mail drop boxes around town and in front of the post office.

According to mystateline.com,

Illinois Porch Pirates Find New Way To Steal Packages And Mail

Now in Illinois, porch pirates are breaking into and stealing packages out of the UPS exterior drop boxes. It won't be long before there won't be a safe way to send things through the mail. In these cases, it happened in Oregon and Byron. Nothing fancy, the suspects would easily break into the UPS boxes and steal anything and everything. If it's happening in those small towns, you know it's happening all over the state. I suggest never using any exterior drop boxes to send out any mail.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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