On March 9th, the vibrant atmosphere at THE MARK's Vibrant Arena will be filled with excitement as the Quad City Fire Hockey team hosts its 16th Annual Benefit Hockey Game. The event, scheduled for 3:30 PM, promises an afternoon of thrilling hockey action, community spirit, and most importantly, a collective effort to support the 100 Club of Illinois.

Quad City Fire Dept.
Quad City Fire Dept.

The Cause:

This year, the Quad City Fire Hockey team has chosen to direct its fundraising efforts toward the 100 Club of Illinois. The 100 Club plays a crucial role in supporting the families of first responders who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving on duty. In addition to providing financial assistance, the organization offers various resources, access to training, and moral support to active-duty first responders throughout the state of Illinois.


To join the cause and enjoy an exciting hockey game, attendees can secure admission for just $5.

The 100 Club of Illinois:

The 100 Club of Illinois has been a beacon of support for the families of fallen first responders for many years. By channeling efforts towards this organization, the Quad City Fire Hockey team aims to contribute to a noble cause that recognizes and honors the sacrifices made by those who protect and serve our communities.

The 100 Club's mission is multifaceted. Not only does it provide financial assistance to the families of fallen heroes, but it also facilitates access to various resources, including educational support for the children of fallen first responders. The organization offers training opportunities for active duty first responders, ensuring they are well-equipped to face the challenges of their demanding profession.

As the puck drops and the cheers echo through Vibrant Arena at THE MARK on March 9th, attendees of the 16th Annual Quad City Fire Benefit Hockey Game will not only witness an exciting sports event but will also play a vital role in supporting the 100 Club of Illinois.

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