Crews in Long Grove, IA are busy today trying to repair a water main break that is leaving several residents in a Boil Water Advisory until further notice. Around lunchtime on Tuesday, a notice was sent out from officials about the advisory and the cause.

The water is temporarily shut off in Long Grove from Grove Street north of Grove Street along North 1st Street & Pine Street.

attachment-Long Grove Boil Advisory

In a press release on Tuesday around 12:30 p.m., the city of Long Grove said they are advising all residents at the following locations only to boil water before using it for drinking, cooking, washing food, or brushing teeth:

  • 114 N 1ST ST
  • 206 N 1ST ST
  • 118 W GROVE ST
  • 124 W GROVE ST
  • 207 N 1ST ST
  • 112 E GROVE ST
  • 120 W GROVE ST
  • 124 E GROVE ST
  • 124 E GROVE ST
  • 125 E GROVE ST
  • 133 E GROVE ST
  • 131 E GROVE ST
  • 206 W PINE ST
  • 119 W PINE ST
  • 104 W PINE ST
  • 219 N 1ST ST
  • 214 N 1ST ST
  • 222 N 1ST ST
  • 227 1 ST ST
  • 230 N 1ST ST
  • 231 N 1ST ST
  • 309 N 1ST ST
  • 319 N 1ST ST
  • 301 N 1ST ST
  • 315 N 1ST ST
  • 323 N 1ST ST

The City of Long Grove officials say this boil advisory is in effect until further notice. The city will continue to provide updates and notification of when the advisory has been lifted through code red messaging, online at, the Long Grove City Hall door, and Post Office.

Officials thanked residents for their cooperation in this matter. For residents who have any questions or concerns that cannot be answered during regular business hours, contact the emergency after hour’s number at 563-940-4504.

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